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TOOL Immigration Issues for U.S. and U.K. Employers

For many employers in the United States and United Kingdom, talented workers from overseas are vital to the continued success of their business. Because of the intricacies of immigration law in both jurisdictions, employers should proceed carefully and obtain sound legal advice each and every time a non-domestic worker is hired, retained, transferred or even terminated.
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TOOL Assessing H-1B Fraud

October 2, 2009
A 2008 report found that 20 percent of H-1B filings contain technical violations or are simply fraudulent. The report has led to a crackdown on H-1B employers.
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Heightened Focus on H-1B Employers

September 18, 2009
The task of the Department of Homeland Security's fraud unit is to gather the facts necessary to determine whether anyone has committed fraud while attempting to obtain immigration benefits. H-1B employers who fit a particular profile run a high risk for a visit from the unit, whose findings may lead to immigration benefits denial, I-9 audits, criminal investigation and potentially even civil and criminal penalties.
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Is Your Immigration Compliance Program Up to Date

September 18, 2009
The public got a glimpse of the beginning of employer-focused enforcement when Immigration and Customs Enforcement issued an unprecedented 652 I-9 audit notices on one day this summer. That's more than the total number of audit notices issued in the previous year. Here are steps employers should take to ensure they are in compliance—just in case ICE pays a visit.
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Changes Afoot for European Works Councils

February 10, 2009
A number of changes in how European works councils interact with multinational employers will be formally adopted this year and will come into force in 2011. Many of the legal changes give the councils new powers that have the potential to cause difficulty for employers that are unprepared.
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The Brave New World of Electronic I-9s

January 16, 2009
Nearly three years ago, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement issued an interim rule that allows employers to continue completing I-9 forms on paper while storing the forms electronically. However, its guidance stops short of identifying which systems will be acceptable under the law. Here are some of the issues that organizations should keep in mind when it comes to electronic storage of these required documents.
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Business Lobbies for Program to Help Workers Hurt by Trade

June 11, 2008
The fate of a trade agreement with Colombia, a Bush administration and business priority, hinges in part on the outcome of Trade Adjustment Assistance talks. In April, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi put an indefinite hold on legislation to implement the deal until ‘economic security’ issues are addressed.
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