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Global Employment Law

The Immigration Squeeze

April 17, 2008
Not only is a complete overhaul of immigration law a remote possibility in 2008, but prospects are dim for narrow legislation that would address employers’ specific needs for both high-skill and low-skill workers.
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Firms in France Penalized for ‘Abusive Layoffs’

November 6, 2007
French industrial tribunals have hit companies with stiff financial penalties for what they term “abusive layoffs” of people hired under so-called new-hire contracts, which were introduced to encourage recruitment, and companies to fire employees for any reason in the first two years.
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Yes, You Can Enforce Non-Compete Clauses

October 4, 2007
California is most notorious for this, but in recent years several states have considered or passed legislation limiting the use of employee noncompetition agreements. Courts in other jurisdictions have cut back on the ways in which such agreements may be used, often in contradictory and confusing decisions. But employers still can use non-compete agreements. Here are some of the lesser-known methods.
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