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DHS Seeks Mandatory E-Verify for Federal Contractors

July 8, 2009
After delaying it three times, the Department of Homeland Security has embraced a regulation that would require all federal contractors to use a government-run electronic employment verification system that has drawn criticism from many employers.
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Work-Site Enforcement Official Wants to Work With Employers

June 17, 2009
In a speech, new Assistant Secretary for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement John Morton defends E-Verify, saying that it instantly confirms 97 percent of queries. But he acknowledges that the 3 percent rejection rate, in addition to the detection of unauthorized workers, could signal problems with the system.
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SHRM-Backed Bill Launches Employment Verification Debate

April 23, 2009
The legislation mandates that all employers sign up for the Electronic Employment Verification System, which is based on the new-hire system used in each state to enforce child support payments. About 90 percent of employers use the new-hire system already.
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