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Arizona's Hard Line on Immigration

July 21, 2008
All eyes are on the Grand Canyon state as it tries to put new restrictions on employers into action. But the toughest reform law in the nation may raise as many issues as it aims to solve—including whether states should even be taking up immigration legislation in the first place.
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Homeland Security Requires E-Verify for Federal Contractors

June 10, 2008
Companies doing business with the government would have to use the electronic system operated by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service and the Social Security Administration to prove each person they hire for a contract and each employee who works on it is legal. It’s unclear when the directive goes into effect.
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Suit Filed Over Rule on Foreign Students

June 2, 2008
New regulations that extend the on-the-job training period for foreign students with science, technology, engineering or mathematics degrees from 12 month to 29 months are said to amount to an end run around the limits of the H-1B program and harm American workers.
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