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Miscellaneous Legal Issues

The Death of the Noncompete

October 10, 2008
The California Supreme Court recently ruled that noncompete agreements are unenforceable. Because so many national and international employers do business in California and because California is often on the leading edge of legal and technological development, non-California businesses should take note.
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Lawmakers Vent About Exec Pay at Lehman Hearing

October 6, 2008
It’s hard to determine how much light a congressional hearing on Monday, October 6, shed on the causes of huge losses in the U.S. financial markets, but a lot of heat was generated about the salary of Richard Fuld Jr., head of bankrupt investment firm Lehman Brothers.
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Louisiana Blue Cross Confirms Data Breach

October 2, 2008
The company compromises the personal data of about 1,700 brokers via an e-mail, exposing information such as Social Security numbers, phone numbers and addresses, a Blue Cross spokesman says.
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TOOL Helping Employees With Adoption

September 30, 2008
No doubt some of your employees have adopted children, are considering it or are going through the process. Can you help them understand the ins and outs, the legalities, the benefits and other important issues? The U.S. Office of Personnel Management offers several resources in its 'Adoption Benefits Guide.'
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