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Miscellaneous Legal Issues

FedEx Loses Driver-Classification Legal Skirmishes

April 4, 2008
FedEx Ground has lost ground in recent weeks in its fight to define its delivery drivers as independent contractors rather than employees. A federal judge ruled that 19 state lawsuits against FedEx Ground can proceed as class actions.
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A Tipping Point for Starbucks

March 28, 2008
There’s more at stake than money in a recent court decision that ordered Starbucks to pay California baristas more than $100 million in back tips and interest. The ruling undercuts the company’s image as a fair and cooperative place to work. Starbucks is fighting back.
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Hewitt, Enron Creditors Agree to $11.2 Million Settlement

March 17, 2008
The Department of Labor asserted that Hewitt erroneously caused the fund to have insufficient cash to pay Enron workers, retirees and beneficiaries the amounts owed to them when in 2006 they overpaid some participants at the expense of the remaining participants, resulting in a $9.15 million shortfall in the fund.
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SuccessFactors Sues Softscape

March 12, 2008
HR software company SuccessFactors has filed a lawsuit against rival vendor Softscape alleging false advertising, unfair competition and other claims.
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Judge OKs Settlement in New York Life ERISA

March 12, 2008
Some $4.2 million of the settlement goes to attorney fees and administrative costs. The remaining amount will be deposited in the New York Life retirement plans to directly benefit the plans’ participants involved in the settlement class.
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FTC Ends Monster Data Security Probe

February 22, 2008
Monster Worldwide has dodged a bullet from the U.S. Federal Trade Commission related to a major data breach last year. The parent company of electronic job board Monster said an FTC probe into the breach was resolved.
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