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Weeding Out the Passive-Aggressive, the Liar and the Blamer

January 25, 2008
Based on his 30 years in practice, attorney Alan L. Rupe says there are three behaviors common to plaintiffs in trumped-up employment lawsuits: They’re passive-aggressive; they exaggerate or lie; or they refuse to accept personal responsibility for their own poor performance. Those three behaviors cause trouble in the workplace, too. Here’s some practical HR advice on weeding them out before they become plaintiffs.
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Quarter-Ton New York Cop Denied Fatter Disability Pay

January 18, 2008
A district judge in New York denied a 500-pound police officer an increase in his disability pay, upholding a ruling by the city’s pension board that the officer’s morbid obesity, not an injury, was to blame for his inability to perform his job.
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GM Settles Class-Action 401(k) Suit

January 17, 2008
General Motors Corp. avoided further litigation when it agreed Tuesday, January 15, to settle for $37.5 million a class-action lawsuit filed by 401(k) plan participants who suffered huge losses after GM shares fell sharply.
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How to Better Comply With SEC Executive Compensation Disclosure Rules

January 4, 2008
Despite the Securities and Exchange Commission’s requirement that companies disclose executive compensation in language that is ‘clear, concise and understandable,’ some observers believed the proxy statement disclosures for the first year under the new rules were anything but straightforward. The SEC issued comment letters and a report that should help companies do a better job in 2008. Here are the highlights of how it can be done better.
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