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How to Better Comply With SEC Executive Compensation Disclosure Rules

January 4, 2008
Despite the Securities and Exchange Commission’s requirement that companies disclose executive compensation in language that is ‘clear, concise and understandable,’ some observers believed the proxy statement disclosures for the first year under the new rules were anything but straightforward. The SEC issued comment letters and a report that should help companies do a better job in 2008. Here are the highlights of how it can be done better.
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Court Employer Suit not Necessarily Retaliatory

December 14, 2007
One attorney notes the court ‘was basically balancing employees’ right against retaliation against anybody’s right under the First Amendment of the Constitution to petition the court and file a lawsuit.’
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Handed Down

December 13, 2007
A review of the 10 legal decisions of 2007 that will have the greatest impact on the workplace in the coming year and beyond
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