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Miscellaneous Legal Issues

Lessons From Plaintiffs University

December 6, 2007
Employees trained at PU invariably dodge their responsibility for prompt reporting of harassment by framing their lack of understanding of the policy in such a way that their failure to complain somehow becomes reasonable. But here’s a holiday gift from columnist Alan Rupe: a surefire way to defeat them.
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Dear Workforce How Should HR Prepare for an IPO

December 4, 2007
Our company recently filed for an initial public offering of stock, or IPO. What steps should our HR department take to prepare for this event? As we get set for this change, which questions should we be asking ourselves internally?
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HR Chief Goes on Trial in Brocade Backdating Case

December 3, 2007
The criminal fraud trial of Stephanie Jensen, the former head of HR at Brocade Communications, got under way last week in San Francisco. Jensen’s attorneys tried to make the case a battle over which department—HR or finance—is to blame for an allegedly illegal compensation and accounting scheme.
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Pension Bill Technical Corrections Likely to Live Up to Name

November 30, 2007
As is often the case with legislation as massive as the Pension Protection Act, the House and Senate are considering technical corrections to the bill, which goes into effect January 1. However, Congress shows little appetite to revisit policies set out in the reform bill signed in 2006.
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More 401(k) Fee Cases Are in the Works

November 29, 2007
The lawsuits put an intense spotlight on revenue-sharing practices of providers that receive money from investment managers. In the long run, they could place pressure on fees paid to managers and record keepers of 401(k) plans.
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OSHA Safety Equipment Standard Done

November 20, 2007
After nearly nine years, the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration has issued a final rule that says employers will have to pay the full cost for almost all personal safety equipment used by their workers.
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