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Technology and the Law

As the Scope of Employment Expands, So Does Employer Liability

Generally, employers are liable only for the torts of their employees committed within the scope of employment. Unfortunately, the scope-of-employment doctrine has never had clearly defined edges, and now, with the blurring of the line between personal and professional lives, employers are exposed to ever-increasing liability. They may need to rethink their policies on providing employees with mobile devices.
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Survey Tech Firms Cutting Back on Staffing

December 15, 2008
The job cuts are also expected to affect tech salaries. Some 53 percent of hiring managers and recruiters surveyed by Dice said they expect flat salaries, and 27 percent anticipate lower salaries for new hires this year.
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Louisiana Blue Cross Confirms Data Breach

October 2, 2008
The company compromises the personal data of about 1,700 brokers via an e-mail, exposing information such as Social Security numbers, phone numbers and addresses, a Blue Cross spokesman says.
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