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Technology and the Law

SuccessFactors Wins Lawsuit Battle

April 2, 2008
HR software company SuccessFactors has scored a victory in its lawsuit against rival Softscape in a case that now includes allegations that Softscape created a phony company to secure secret information.
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Their BlackBerrys Your Problem

March 6, 2008
However much employers want to provide access to their technology systems for business convenience or necessity, they also have legitimate interests in preventing their misuse. Employers will also have to do some education with employees about what happens when personal devices are used to access company systems. Employees may mistakenly believe that by using their own devices, they have bought themselves a measure of privacy and are beyond the reach of their employer.
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Monster Investigated by FTC Concerning Data Security

February 20, 2008
The Federal Trade Commission has launched an investigation into information security practices at electronic job board stemming from a 2007 computer hacker attack that resulted in the illegal downloading of contact information for 1.3 million job seekers.
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Latest Monster Attack Targets Employers

November 29, 2007
The November hacking, which involved Best Buy, Eddie Bauer and Toyota Financial Services, follows an attack in August in which hackers broke into Monster’s database and stole the records of more than 1 million users.
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