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Workers' Compensation

Is There a Nurse in the Office

June 1, 1997
In this age of downsizing and corporate cost-cutting, having an occupational health nurse on staff may seem frivolous. But, a consultant in occupational health and safety shows that having this internal asset makes dollars and sense.
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New EEOC Guidelines Affect ADA Handling

February 1, 1997
The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) issued new guidance on the interaction between the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and state workers' compensation laws. The new guidance touches a number of employment issues.
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Wiring Up Workers' Comp Claims

April 1, 1996
By using Electronic Data Interchange, your benefits managers can streamline an otherwise cumbersome process. Add speed, accuracy and consistency by utilizing today's technological innovations.
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The Shaping of an Exercise Program

July 1, 1993
Lafayette, Indiana-based Subaru-Isuzu (SIA) has take their exercise program through lots of planning, careful implementation and many revisions so that they could minimize workplace injuries, such as strained muscles and repetitive-motion injuries. The program has expanded to include aerobics and more-intensive general exercises.
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