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Workplace Violence

TOOL Deaths in the Workplace

December 2, 2008
2007 was the safest year since 1992 for employees in terms of work-related fatalities, a report from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics shows. Employers may be able to use the facts and figures, which are broken down by categories such as state, gender and industry sector to reiterate safety points to their workforces.
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Its Not All About Becoming a Manager

November 21, 2008
Commentary: Too often, promotion in organizations is inextricably tied to becoming a manager. And not everyone is cut out for that. By identifying top performers and publicly letting them know that they are extremely valuable to us, we can reward the performance we seek and give individuals the opportunity to continue to grow with our companies as individual contributors or as managers, depending upon their desires and talents.
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Dealing With New Guns-at-Work Laws

In a growing number of states, an employer cannot bar its employees from bringing guns to work and leaving them in their cars. Compliance puts a company at risk of violating its obligation to protect its employees, while noncompliance subjects the company to civil or criminal penalties, or both. Here is a look at the laws and steps employers can take to ensure safe workplaces.
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