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Workplace Violence

Depression Intervention Aids Productivity

September 28, 2007
Systematically identifying and treating employees’ depression symptoms is likely to result in higher job retention, fewer sickness-related absences and increased worker productivity, a study has found.
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Firms Ratchet Up Efforts to Boost Security

August 17, 2007
Security is a huge concern in India and is taken seriously by both client and vendor, since Indian companies win contracts that give them access to a client’s proprietary information. Clients often perform random security audits on their Indian vendors.
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It iCould-i Happen Here

July 13, 2007
While some corporations have addressed potential workplace violence with adequate preventive policies, others have ignored the training needed for human resources professionals and other managers to identify the early warning signs of a potentially dangerous employee.
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Creating a Culture of Safety

May 1, 2007
A report on disaster at BP's Texas City, Texas, oil refinery underscores the importance of thinking beyond the basics in fostering a safe work environment.
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