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Workplace Violence

Training to Keep Food Safe

May 1, 2009
The deadly salmonella outbreak linked to Peanut Corporation of America is the most recent example of the long-range impact that food-production safety processes can have on consumers. Food safety training for employees is obviously the place to start, but what’s also imperative is a culture in which all employees, from the production line to the executive suite, know the right things to do—and do them.
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Court Fired Worker Must Prove Danger Met Standard

March 11, 2009
The decision by a Connecticut federal district court involved a worker who claimed he was discharged for complaining about his employer’s alleged violation of public policy requiring employers to provide a reasonably safe workplace.
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With Layoffs on the Rise, Retaliation Risks Grow

January 30, 2009
Some experts expect violent incidents to rise during the next several months because the number of layoffs at companies nationwide is expected to increase. While there is no ironclad guarantee someone will not become violent after being laid off or fired, there are steps companies can take to significantly mitigate the risk.
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