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Background Checks & Investigations

E-Verify at a Glance

March 24, 2010
Although there is growing use of E-Verify by private employers, a large percentage of those companies are using it because they are required to—either because they operate as employers in a jurisdiction where it is legally required or because they are federal contractors or subcontractors. For the vast majority of employers in the U.S., E-Verify is still optional. The chart below shows the circumstances in which E-Verify must be used, and when it’s merely an option for an employer to consider.
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Foiling Résumé Fraud

August 6, 2009
In a tough job market, some candidates go beyond being creative and fake aspects of their résumés to increase their attractiveness to would-be employers. By recognizing a few of the most commonly used deception techniques, employers can better position themselves to identify applicants who work hard to hide a history of hardly working.
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