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Flu Absences Likely to Rise

October 21, 2004
Following the announcement that nearly half of the 100 million flu vaccines needed this season will never reach U.S. shores, employers across the country have scrapped onsite programs to immunize workers. While it may be too soon for companies to calculate the financial impact, experts say that businesses should expect to feel losses associated with increased absences.
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A Case For Child Care

April 1, 2004
While many employers steer clear of providing child care and are leery of the cost, complications and regulation, others are examining the matter in a new light. Abbott Laboratories, IBM and Procter & Gamble have developed cost-effective models for analyzing and meeting employees' child-care needs. The motivation is not humanitarian or altruistic. Some companies now regard child care as something they must do to be competitive.
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Adoption Programs Gaining Ground

March 29, 2004
The Calvert Group is one employer that kicks in money and time for employees who adopt children. But the take-up rate is low, so it costs companies little to increase employee morale and goodwill by offering this benefit.
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Camping World's Job Descriptions

September 18, 2003
Short ads for a Senior Marketing Analyst; a Call Center and Sales Support Manager; a Second Shift Warehouse Supervisor; and an Assistant Managing Agent.
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