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Dear Workforce How Do We Remedy Sinking Morale After Layoffs

June 30, 2009
Until a few months ago, our company had a track record of never laying off employees. Now there is talk that a second round of layoffs is inevitable. Morale here is at an all-time low, and employees don’t feel safe in their jobs or know what to think. As an HR leader, I’m being sought out and asked to revive morale, but what practical steps can I take, considering the circumstances?
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Michelin Offering Early Retirement in France

June 18, 2009
The aim of the early-retirement plan is to create vacant positions that can be filled by some of the 500 new hires Michelin expects to make each of the next three years. The company also expects the initiative to rebalance the age profile of its workforce.
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GM Chief Says Brace for More Executive Shake-Ups

June 17, 2009
CEO Fritz Henderson expects to cut about 20 percent of GM’s U.S. salaried workforce by year-end. At the end of 2008, GM had nearly 29,000 U.S. salaried employees; it expects to have 23,500 salaried workers by year-end.
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