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Expatriate Management

Expert Help for Dual-career Spouses

October 1, 1996
A poorly adjusted family is bad odds for a successful global assignment. So when you encounter a spouse who takes his or her career seriously, you know you have some work to do. Global Workforce assembled a panel of six experts who offer some sugge
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Expats Say Help Make Us Mobile

August 7, 1996
Expatriates expect to move. But today, Shell Internationale Petroleum, B.V. and its expats are learning how difficult global mobility has become. The company's recent survey explains why and identifies steps for HR to take in making the assignment work fo
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Sharing the Burden of College Tuition

August 1, 1996
In 1995, AMP Incorporated created a post-secondary scholarship program for employees' children globally. The new benefit helps attract bright professionals to the company worldwide—while building a stronger global workforce for tomorrow.
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