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Expatriate Management

1999 Global Outlook Optimas Award Profile Molex Inc.

March 1, 1999
A global mindset is evident in everything from employee titles to standard practices in communication and training, In turn, the mindset helps support a management strategy to shift emphasis from one area of the world to another during economic downturns while still investing in the future.
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The Impact on Expatiates

January 1, 1999
Cutting assignments short sends a terrible message to expatriates. If you suddenly repatriate individuals, it could be more difficult later to send people back again. If you do an appropriate staffing job upfront, you can repatriate more wisely.
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Keeping Your Expats Healthy

November 1, 1998
Your current way of handling expatriate benefits may seem to be working well on the surface. But it’s doing your organization a great disservice if it frustrates assignees and burdens HR.
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