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Relocation Services

Factors In Relocation

August 7, 2008
Company growth led the list of internal factors while the top external factor cited is a lack of qualified people locally. The use of lump-sum payments grew last year, and employees who declined relocations cited family issues most often as their reason for turning down a move.
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Employee Mobility Popped by the Housing Bubble

May 18, 2007
Corporations are struggling to deal with a prolonged U.S. housing slump that has left relocation programs stuck with high-priced homes purchased from employees who have been moved to new locations. Dealing with the weak U.S. housing market has become the top priority for most corporate relocation officers.
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State of the Sector Relocation

April 8, 2005
Employee transfers are on the rise as companies see hopeful signs in the economy and ramp up global expansion. And relocation firms are eager to meet employers' demands not just for the basics, but for a host of new services--from pet boarding to immigration law to readjustment counseling.
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