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Basic Skills Training

The Armys Training Weapon Serious Games

January 9, 2009
‘America’s Army’ was originally launched as a way to ‘soft sell’ potential recruits. But it has been adapted and adopted by various organizations within the Army for weapons prototyping, helping wounded soldiers adjust to their injuries, and, above all, for training.
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Learning to Cross Cultures

January 9, 2009
In conjunction with live-scenario training, the U.S. Army uses online simulations to prepare its civil affairs and psychological operations personnel for their interactions with civilians in war zones.
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Teaching Future Soldiers

January 8, 2009
The U.S. Army imparts ‘pre-basic training’ lessons to recruits who have delayed entry into the service. The Army wants them learn about the organization and feel like members of the team, and that’s where the Future Solider Training System comes in.
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Banking on Learning

December 22, 2008
Will Sutton didn’t set out to run a corporate university, but his background as a banker made him the perfect candidate for the job. North Carolina’s Branch Banking & Trust Co. is reaping the benefits of his skills and approach to training.
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Virtual Training With Real Results

December 7, 2008
Collaborative real-time virtual training is gaining popularity for many learning applications, particularly those in which the trainee is making on-the-job decisions that can have serious, and even life-threatening, consequences.
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TOOL Training Thats a Good Fit

December 2, 2008, a British government service that’s aimed at helping the nation’s businesses grow, offers a number of suggestions on selecting appropriate training for your company’s needs.
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Ciscos Global Training Machine

November 20, 2008
While some multinationals are recalculating the offshore-labor-cost equation, many companies in Central and Eastern Europe are taking a broader view of foreign investment and workforce management.
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