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Basic Skills Training

Dear Workforce How Do We Calculate a First-Ever Training Budget

June 15, 2010
Our company has never had a formal training budget, but I’ve now been asked to develop one. I am collecting data on all the training we’d like to offer next year, per employee, but frankly don’t know if I am asking for too much training money or too little. How do I calculate an approximate training budget? And how much should we devote to leadership training?
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TOOL Connecting Low-Skill Workers With Better Opportunities

March 24, 2010
A Working Poor Families Project report profiles how states can shape policies and program efforts to boost the supply of skilled workers by connecting low-income, low-skilled adults to construction-related skills development programs, and increase employer commitment and demand for hiring these workers and paying them family-sustaining wages.
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More Firms Paying Mind to Mentoring

February 22, 2010
Organizations are serious about the value of mentoring because it helps address their most pressing concern: figuring out how to capture and share key information as veteran leaders near retirement.
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Well-Known Trade Magazine 'Training' to Shutter Next Month

February 19, 2010
The publication is widely recognized in the HR industry, particularly for its popular and well-respected list of best companies for training, the Training Top 125. Winners for the 2010 list were named earlier this month and include IBM, Ritz-Carlton, Ernst & Young, PricewaterhouseCoopers and EMC.
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