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Career Development

What Is the Difference Between Career Growth and Career Development?

December 3, 2012
Is there a distinction between career growth and career development? And why should we care? Our organization has a number of professional employees working in a career field, which makes us wonder if providing training and development really is as important as experts say. —Growth or No, HR consultant, finance/insurance/real estate, Lagos, Nigeria
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Grabbing a Seat: Developing CHROs in the 2000s and Today

September 12, 2012
To celebrate Workforce's 90th anniversary, we're running a series of articles looking at important workforce-related issues with a then-and-now theme. This installment examines HR leaders branching off into other executive roles in the 2000s and today. In November, we will look back at the employment deal over the past 90 years.
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How Should We Use Retirees to Train Our Younger Workers?

June 28, 2012
Our organization would like to implement cross-training in light of a large number of seasoned employees who are approaching retirement. How can we go about keeping these experienced folks on as consultants after they retire? What is the key to making this solution work? —Training and Retaining, human resources director, services, Colton, California
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