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Popularity Pays

October 24, 2012
But a deeper lesson of new research is that everyone can be more socially savvy.
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Do Core Competencies Really Boost Performance?

October 2, 2012
We hear the phrase “core competencies” thrown around quite a bit, but how should we define it? In other words, how do we understand our core competencies within the context of boosting our organization's performance? —Bugged by Buzzwords, human resources recruiter, health care, Scotts Valley, California
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Our New Hires Need Customized Economics Training. Would Establishing 'Knowledge' Competencies Be of Any Use?

June 6, 2012
As a financial services company, how can we devise useful competencies for our knowledge workers? Our new hires need basic courses in economics and skills to use our customized econometrics model. We know what we're looking for in new recruits, but we don't know how to formally express it by way of competencies. —Seeking Knowledge, adviser, financial services, Ottawa
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How Do We Get Beyond Adequate Performance?

January 17, 2012
Some employees are close to being fired for not meeting performance standards. But our company has never had a formalized system to counsel people about job expectations. How do we prevent the loss of potentially solid performers now that times are tight and our management is quietly considering making changes? —Cart Before the Horse, HR professional, manufacturing, Battle Creek, Michigan
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