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Men Dominate MBA Enrollment in Chicago

July 5, 2011
But East Coast schools such as the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School and Harvard Business School are enrolling record percentages of women in the upcoming academic year.
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The Search Is on for HRs Best and Brightest

May 2, 2011
This is an excellent opportunity for you to publicly recognize your employees or professional colleagues. We also will accept self-nominations as long as they are accompanied by a letter of recommendation from an executive in your organization.
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JetBlue Names New 'Chief People Officer'

September 17, 2010
An insider is tapped for the airline’s creatively titled HR post, which has been open since just before a fed-up flight attendant fled a plane via emergency chute. A spokesman says the appointment is not related to the incident.
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Dear Workforce Are First-Time Managers Really Better Off With Training?

June 28, 2010
I hear a lot about managers being promoted without sufficient training. The theory is that people are pushed into management without first having the required skill sets. Anecdotally this might be true, but are there any empirical data that prove this approach is leading to a generation of underequipped managers? —Skeptical in Services, Charlotte, North Carolina
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What Would the Workforce Say

April 28, 2010
Commentary: Have the actions that HR took during the recession eroded its credibility with rank-and-file employees? Professionals would do well to ask themselves this most pertinent of questions.
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HR vs. Fear

April 8, 2010
Commentary: Great HR people stand between the employees whose energy and talent drives their companies and the fear-based decision-making that seeks to paint every move as a choice between business and its opposite—call it lack of rigor, wimpiness or sob-sister do-goodism. Great HR people know better. They’re willing to be called non-businesspeople, if that’s what it takes to make the right call.
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Why the Best HR Leaders Are Moderate Republicans

March 23, 2010
Commentary: Both Bill Clinton and Ronald Reagan could have been great HR pros. Turns out that in order to be a great HR leader, it’s more important to be a moderate than either a Republican or a Democrat. Need proof? Let’s examine the relationship between getting things done in politics and getting things done in HR.
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General Motors Shakes Up HR Leadership

July 30, 2009
The appointment of a new human resources chief comes just weeks after the automaker emerged from a structured Chapter 11 bankruptcy with the goal of overhauling the company's bureaucratic and bloated corporate culture, especially within its executive ranks.
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