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JetBlue Names New 'Chief People Officer'

September 17, 2010
An insider is tapped for the airline’s creatively titled HR post, which has been open since just before a fed-up flight attendant fled a plane via emergency chute. A spokesman says the appointment is not related to the incident.
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HR vs. Fear

April 8, 2010
Commentary: Great HR people stand between the employees whose energy and talent drives their companies and the fear-based decision-making that seeks to paint every move as a choice between business and its opposite—call it lack of rigor, wimpiness or sob-sister do-goodism. Great HR people know better. They’re willing to be called non-businesspeople, if that’s what it takes to make the right call.
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Why the Best HR Leaders Are Moderate Republicans

March 23, 2010
Commentary: Both Bill Clinton and Ronald Reagan could have been great HR pros. Turns out that in order to be a great HR leader, it’s more important to be a moderate than either a Republican or a Democrat. Need proof? Let’s examine the relationship between getting things done in politics and getting things done in HR.
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General Motors Shakes Up HR Leadership

July 30, 2009
The appointment of a new human resources chief comes just weeks after the automaker emerged from a structured Chapter 11 bankruptcy with the goal of overhauling the company's bureaucratic and bloated corporate culture, especially within its executive ranks.
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