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The Last Word The Mood Is Subdued

June 29, 2009
The HR profession has been beaten up by the economy and battered by being the bearers of bad news. So it’s no surprise that attendance is down and things are quiet at this year’s SHRM conference.
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Are You 'Among the Best'

April 25, 2009
I hope you'll enter this year's Workforce Management Optimas Awards and tell us what your organization is doing that is worthy and impressive-and delivers superior bottom-line business results.
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How Fit Is Your HR Career

April 16, 2009
HR professionals work in a field that corporate America defines as ‘overhead,’ which is just another term for expendable. When the budget ax swings, therefore, their careers are often the first on the chopping block. Here’s a prescription for how HR professionals can become ‘career athletes,’ prepared to compete and win in today’s brutal job market.
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Why SHRM Should Bail Out HR

January 19, 2009
Here’s the HR Capitalist’s modest proposal: SHRM should spend its $179 million reserve fund to bring badly needed technology skills, leadership chops and business savvy to the profession.
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HR Feedback for Your Boss

November 26, 2008
Whether your boss is in HR or she’s the person running the entire show, all bosses need some straight talk sometimes from their HR pros before an oversight or blind spot mortally wounds them.
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Dear Workforce What Is the Best Way to Enhance the Effectiveness of Young HR Professionals?

October 28, 2008
Our company has a small but growing team of young HR professionals. Most are very sound in their skills, but there are some that seem to struggle with prioritizing projects: answering e-mail in a timely fashion, following up with job candidates, and so on. This isn't even our busy recruiting season. We have paid for our HR teams to attend training seminars on organization and setting priorities, but many of them still aren't able to manage their time effectively. Are we overlooking something in terms of their development?
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Dear Workforce What Are Practical Steps to Becoming a Better Leader

October 28, 2008
I am a manager who wants to grow and develop. I enjoy helping my employees, but feel I need a little bit of work in this area to help them improve and grow professionally. What training and/or job experiences would you recommend that could help me strengthen my talent management skills? I’m looking for some "tried and true" examples of things that work.
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