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When Tests Go Bad

June 18, 2008
Cheating bred by ‘brain dump’ Web sites and lax security at testing centers—plus a glut of programs—have given IT certifications a black eye that industry groups are scrambling to fix. Meanwhile, hirers beware.
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What Are HR Certifications Worth

December 6, 2007
If you’ve wondered whether the PHR or SPHR certifications are worth the paper they’re printed on, read on. Kris Dunn breaks it all down for you, focusing on the exclusivity of the certification, the effort required to pass the exams and—of course—the critical question of ROI.
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Take the Quiz Does Your HR Job Stink

November 9, 2007
Good HR people are in high demand. That's good to know. However, before you decide to put yourself in the marketplace, you need to determine a way to evaluate the strength of your current HR position, honestly and objectively. Try this quick test and see if you should stay or go.
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Federal Judge Halts DHS Regulation on No-Match Letters

October 11, 2007
The ruling stalls indefinitely an effort to hold employers accountable for discrepancies between a worker’s name and Social Security number. It freezes a mailing of so-called ‘no-match’ packets that were to be sent in September to 140,000 employers and would have affected 8 million employees.
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The Talent Trifecta

September 17, 2007
The best talent comes down to three essential ingredients: competence, commitment and contribution. Organizations must strive to cultivate all of these elements in their employees, author and consultant Dave Ulrich says, for it anyone of them goes missing, the talent equation falls apart.
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HR Executive Dies in New York Steam Blast

July 20, 2007
Pfizer human resources executive Lois Baumerich died of a heart attack she suffered when a steam pipe exploded in Midtown Manhattan on Wednesday, July 18. Baumerich helped found the National Industry Liaison Group, an organization promoting workplace equality.
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