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Training Technology

Cultivating Knowledge Transfer

September 11, 2009
A central goal of any comprehensive workforce planning strategy must be to focus on 'knowledge transfer productivity,' which is the organization's ability to effectively and efficiently convey vital information from employee to employee in a way that keeps projects going at full speed, even in the face of employee attrition.
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Assurant Hits 'Play' for Painless Learning

June 22, 2009
Assurant Employee Benefits' suite of customized video games tackles weighty issues such as Assurant's financial strategies and the impact that individual employees have on success. They're a hit, with employees vying to be at the top of the leader boards.
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The Power of Community

March 3, 2009
Online communities of practice give far-flung employees a chance to network, share knowledge and communicate best practices that trainers can capture and incorporate into future learning events.
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At Xerox, Learning Is a Community Activity

December 22, 2008
Xerox is riding the crest of a wave sweeping over U.S. businesses. In its annual report on the training industry last spring, the American Society for Training & Development found that nearly two-thirds of large U.S. organizations said they rely on ‘knowledge sharing’ among their employees, including communities of practice and in-house experts.
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Virtual Training With Real Results

December 7, 2008
Collaborative real-time virtual training is gaining popularity for many learning applications, particularly those in which the trainee is making on-the-job decisions that can have serious, and even life-threatening, consequences.
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HR Should Have a Role In VoIP Implementations

December 2, 2008
Voice over Internet Protocol phone systems can save companies money, but they have security and functionality limitations that can affect company compliance and security. Experts say HR should weigh in on the systems’ capabilities before they’re put in place.
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