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Training Technology

Solar Follows Suit

A leading German manufacturer of solar panels recently teamed with Portland Community College in Oregon to train technicians who will work at a fabrication plant the company is renovating in a Portland suburb.
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Going With the Wind

Technicians are a hot commodity in the Pacific Northwest’s booming wind energy business, leading one local community college to fast-track a training program. Columbia Gorge Community College now serves as a model for others in the field.
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Training to Short-Circuit Wage Disputes

July 22, 2008
Failing to equip managers with at least rudimentary knowledge of labor laws comes with a steep cost. Companies found in violation of the federal Fair Labor Standards Act—the law that governs job classification, overtime pay and record keeping—pay an average of $23.5 million to resolve claims of unpaid overtime and other FLSA-related allegations.
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Staying Afloat in a Digital Flood

Even though seven of 10 white-collar workers say they feel inundated by e-mails, IMs, text messages and other data sources at work, corporate leaders have been slow to intervene and offer employee support or training in how to manage information overload. That’s starting to change.
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Raising the Problems Profile

July 9, 2008
The newly formed Information Overload Research Group will promote research studies and delve into solutions for information overload, including technology tools and training strategies.
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