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Staying Afloat in a Digital Flood

July 9, 2008
Even though seven of 10 white-collar workers say they feel inundated by e-mails, IMs, text messages and other data sources at work, corporate leaders have been slow to intervene and offer employee support or training in how to manage information overload. That’s starting to change.
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Raising the Problems Profile

July 9, 2008
The newly formed Information Overload Research Group will promote research studies and delve into solutions for information overload, including technology tools and training strategies.
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Calling on Experts

June 20, 2008
Widely used but not well publicized, the DACUM method of job analysis gains momentum as a training and performance tool. Its chief advantage is that it draws on the wisdom of high-performing workers.
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The Talent Development Challenge

June 5, 2008
During a recent conference, four learning executives at major companies discussed the challenge of tailoring training and development to meet the needs of fast-changing, hard-charging global companies. All are striving to integrate learning into their talent management processes.
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Dial M for Mobile Learning

May 29, 2008
Mobile learning delivers content to PDAs and cell phones, giving field workers access to training where and when they need it. Technology integration can be a barrier, but as cell phone capabilities and mobile learning authoring tools improve, such content is becoming a viable option in meeting the learning needs of a growing mobile workforce.
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Never Too Young for Business Education

April 22, 2008
Although most companies aren’t actively recruiting youngsters in middle school, research by Deloitte uncovered some surprising findings: Many children already have well-established college plans by time they are 12. Nearly half of 12- to 14-year-olds have started thinking seriously about their careers. By the time they are 17 to 18, many have chosen a career path.
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