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Never Too Young for Business Education

April 22, 2008
Although most companies aren’t actively recruiting youngsters in middle school, research by Deloitte uncovered some surprising findings: Many children already have well-established college plans by time they are 12. Nearly half of 12- to 14-year-olds have started thinking seriously about their careers. By the time they are 17 to 18, many have chosen a career path.
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Toyota Embraces E-learning—and Change

March 19, 2008
Toyota Motor Europe implemented a centralized e-learning system to deliver customizable content to its sales and marketing companies located in 48 countries speaking 30 different languages. From France to Romania, it has saved the organization time—and a lot of euros.
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E-Learning Hits Its Stride

February 26, 2008
Despite some differing numbers, two widely regarded and independent reports on the U.S. training market conclude that 30 percent of employee learning last year occurred online. The question of whether workplace training improves worker performance remains unanswered, however.
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'Unlearning' Makes Headlines at Reuters

July 24, 2007
Rather than store every conceivable piece of information in their heads, employees at the London-based financial software, technology and news company participate in learning through methods including creating user content, taking on stretch assignments or rotating to work on different project teams. They’re encouraged to find the knowledge they need so they can put it into action. But there isn’t a necessity for them to remember it.
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