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Preparing for an IT Talent Squeeze

October 1, 2009
IT employers, take note: The federal government’s tight time frame for computerization, along with a steep implementation curve, will require more IT workers for health care organizations—soon. Job projections range from at least 41,000 positions to more than 200,000.
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TOOL Health Resources From the National Library of Medicine

October 14, 2008
HR executives know that employers have a vested interest in the health and well-being of their employees—and their families. Employers may help their workforce by adding links to their intranets to, for instance, “Health Hotlines,” which is from the National Library of Medicine.
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Tripped Up

September 5, 2008
Hard times and higher travel costs are pushing companies to enforce travel and entertainment expense policies, and more are using Web-based software to do it.
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Meetings Without Meeting

September 5, 2008
With costs for airplane tickets and gasoline still sky high, companies are keeping employees out of planes and cars and are opting for alternatives such as online meetings, webinars and videoconferences. And the timing couldn’t be better. Improved technologies mean online meetings and videoconference services are miles ahead of what was available only a few years ago.
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Right on Schedule

May 15, 2008
Using shift-scheduling software, hospitals can reduce overhead by planning shift work more efficiently and keep nurses happy by giving them more say over their hours.
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Now Showing on the Small Screen

March 13, 2008
HR software is going mobile. So far, the programs are transaction-based and intended for small businesses or workers on the go. But judging from what’s happening behind the scenes, it won’t be long before more HR programs make their small-screen debut.
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