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Now Showing on the Small Screen

March 13, 2008
HR software is going mobile. So far, the programs are transaction-based and intended for small businesses or workers on the go. But judging from what’s happening behind the scenes, it won’t be long before more HR programs make their small-screen debut.
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Homegrown HR Technology

July 15, 2006
Using an internally produced Web portal called MySource, Qualcomm's HR systems cover a variety of functions. The home-brewed approach makes the San Diego specialist in wireless communications an oddity among large firms.
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An Appetite For Acquisition

December 6, 2004
Michael Mullarkey, the gung-ho 36-year-old CEO of Workstream Inc., is used to the nickname that his burgeoning firm has acquired: Frankenstream. It’s an allusion to the strategy Mullarkey has used to build his company, creating one human-capital management system by buying up and stitching together niche firms including, Kadiri and ResumeXpress. The big test for Workstream, which has revenue growth but isn’t yet profitable, is how well it can take all those different pieces and use them to expand its client base. One observer says: "Like anything, the question is: How well do they execute?"
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A Few Years Late, Portals Gain Ground

September 3, 2004
Web portals stalled in the cooled-down economy, but there's been a surge in spending lately as human resources leaders see portals as key to managing their workforce. Employees also are driving portal growth. They expect their companies' sites to be as easy to use as Amazon and Yahoo.
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Technology Evolution--Not Revolution

October 3, 2003
The 2003 Workforce Management /Findley Davies HR Technology Survey shows that some companies are making progress toward a conversion to eHR, but there's still a heavy reliance on paper and forms. The transformation is proceeding at a "very deliberate pace."
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