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<i>Dear Workforce</i> How Do We Persuade Management to Vary Our Recognition Program

May 4, 2010
I manage recognition across an employee population that spans multiple generations—some employees have more tenure with our company than other workers have been living. How do I convince top management that one size does not fit all when budgeting recognition dollars for programs, especially since these different employee groups sometimes have vastly different needs and expectations? What data are there to help me make a persuasive business case?
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<i>Dear Workforce</i> We're Developing Onboarding for New Managers. What Should Be Included

March 1, 2010
Our company provides an onboarding program that covers basic information and culture with new employees. However, we want to develop a program for employees who have been promoted or transferred to new positions. Our goal: ease their transition, strengthen social bonds between partners, foster continuous development, clarify expectations and overcome resistance to change. What are the fundamental elements we should be including in this new onboarding initiative?
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<i>Dear Workforce</i> How Do We Improve Our Recruitment of Topnotch Nurses?

January 19, 2010
I am looking for inexpensive ways to find new talent. We do not have accounts with major job boards, and in the past have spent enormous sums on print advertising and the use of agencies, with minimal success. My main focus is finding registered nurses who are looking to take their careers in another direction, out of patient care. I have gone to nursing schools and posted jobs, but have had no luck. That is probably because we are looking for experienced nurses. I need some creative recruiting ideas to present to our management. Although we are in a hiring freeze, I want to be ready to hit the ground running once we begin hiring again.
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Your Recognition and Engagement Questions, Answered

December 28, 2009
Recognition expert Bob Nelson, the keynote speaker for Workforce Management ’s inaugural online conference, “Road to Recovery: HR Strategies for 2010,” agreed to answer all the questions that were asked of him during his session. Here are Nelson’s answers to more than 40 questions, from honestly communicating about layoffs to rejecting employees’ ideas that aren’t viable without demotivating them.
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<i>Dear Workforce</i> What Is the Secret to Fostering Career Development for Top Performers

November 24, 2009
We have devised a technician development program as a career development tool for technicians. It has helped keep turnover below 2 percent during the past two years. However, after a few years, many technicians will reach maximum salary levels and have very little room to grow, other than possibly being promoted to supervisory roles. How can we aid their career progression and boost our chances of retaining these valuable contributors?
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C-Suite August

October 13, 2009
This month’s digest of who’s coming, going and moving up in the world of workforce management.
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Why Employees Stay—Employee vs. Employer

September 30, 2009
Good relationships with co-workers, job security and a desirable commute top the list of reasons employees stay in their jobs. In earlier surveys (2005 and 2006), good relationships with managers, good relationships with co-workers and desirable work hours were the top three, reflecting a possible breakdown in trust.
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