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Appeal of Gift Cards Expiring

September 30, 2009
Gift cards have long been a staple of employee recognition programs. But then came high-profile bankruptcies of well-known retailers and criticism of the profits that vendors make from gift-card “breakage”—the term for cards that are sold but not used.
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Why Employees Leave—Employee vs. Employer

September 30, 2009
Employers and employees differ over the importance of recognition in an employee’s decision to look for a new job. Twenty-nine percent of employers view this as a significant factor, while 39 percent of employees feel this plays a significant role.
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The Two Faces of Executive Coaching

September 23, 2009
One group is basing its business on a Jack Welch model, while the other is a tent revival meeting featuring business-coach versions of Billy Mays, Jimmy Swaggart and Tony Robbins. And the scary thing is that both groups get coaching gigs in corporate America.
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<i>Dear Workforce</i> What Role Does Training Play in Overcoming Employee Discontent With Supervisors

August 13, 2009
We have come to the conclusion that our supervisors do not have the required skills to properly manage their people. We think our current supervisor tool kit (it is in the form of a folder of useful information, links to self-help modules, etc.) is not giving them the information they need (or at least maybe not in a format or layout that delivers the message). Our survey shows that 65 percent of our employees are unhappy with how they are supervised. How could we enhance the tool kit to make managers more engaging and effective? What might they need to perform their roles well?
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<i>Dear Workforce</i> How Do We Determine Objective Criteria to Recognize Top-Performing Police Officers

June 10, 2009
How do we devise criteria for recognizing top-performing police officers? We believe officers should not be judged solely on the number of citations, arrests or captured arsonists they get in a month. I am looking to base the assessment on “soft” skills so that, when each lieutenant and sergeant tries to push for their people, there are factors that will separate each officer and let us see who the best performers truly are each month.
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Are You 'Among the Best'

April 25, 2009
I hope you'll enter this year's Workforce Management Optimas Awards and tell us what your organization is doing that is worthy and impressive-and delivers superior bottom-line business results.
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<i>Dear Workforce</i> How Do We Go Beyond a Pat on the Back

April 15, 2009
Most material I’ve read says that supervisors should say thanks for a job well done. What happens when the efforts of an employee are not good? I don’t to want to say, "Good job, but ..." and list the all the areas that need improvement. What could I do to start the performance conversation (constructively)?
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