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Wells Fargo's Diversified Assets

March 1, 2005
Many firms herald their talent as their differentiation, but Wells Fargo & Co. has a record to support its rhetoric. When it posted a profit of $7 billion for fiscal 2004, an increase of 13 percent compared with 2003, CEO Dick Kovacevich rewarded employees with a special contribution in Wells Fargo common stock to their 401(k) plans. And despite a massive merger, the company minimized layoffs by retaining staff.
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GM Goes Fast

March 1, 2004
Driven by changes in human resources, GM is cutting bureaucracy and cultivating a get-it-done culture. The result is innovation, action and millions of dollars in savings for the automaker.
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Texas Instruments Q&A on Staffing

August 11, 2000
Charles (Chuck) F. Nielson is currently Vice President of Texas Instruments, Director of Worldwide Human Resources and sits on TI's Strategy Leadership Team alongside the CEO and the COO. Nielsen has directed employment, training and industrial relations functions, both domestically and internationally.
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