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General Excellence

Texas Instruments Q&A on Staffing

August 11, 2000
Charles (Chuck) F. Nielson is currently Vice President of Texas Instruments, Director of Worldwide Human Resources and sits on TI's Strategy Leadership Team alongside the CEO and the COO. Nielsen has directed employment, training and industrial relations functions, both domestically and internationally.
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1999 General Excellence Optimas Award Profile Sears, Roebuck & Co.

March 1, 1999
As recently as 1992, the retail giant lost $3.9 billion and faced crippling competition from upstart retailers. Today, the company is earning record profits and is worth billions more than it was. HR has been a key player in making it happen, through employee training, change management, transformed compensation plans, and a landmark tool that's helped prove the correlation between employee satisfaction and profits.
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1998 General Excellence Optimas Award Profile Texas Instruments

February 1, 1998
HR is front and center at the company’s strategic table. That role is sustained through employee development efforts, succession planning, effective recruiting, and a landmark code of ethics. It’s not surprising, therefore, that HR issues are often among the company’s three business priorities each year.
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