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Monical's Piping-Hot Idea

March 1, 2004
The small pizza chain saw that an economic downturn and voracious competition could destroy it. Management at the Bradley, Illinois, chain knew that, with 37 company-owned stores and 18 franchises, it would need a creative strategy to compete with large, well-financed companies during the coming economic downturn. So it remade itself from top to bottom, reaping big monetary and retention benefits.
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Technology Is Holy in the Ancient Land of Israel

January 15, 2004
Todd Raphael traveled across much of Israel, including Tel Aviv, the Old City of Jerusalem, the northern mountain city of Safed, and the lowest point on earth, the Dead Sea. In this ancient place, where you can still find Bedouin nomads roaming the land and camels nibbling on crops, the workforce is remarkably futuristic.
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