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Managing Change

UAW-GM Deal Based On Unrealistic Cost Forecasts

October 26, 2007
The recently ratified contract between General Motors and the United Auto Workers, details of which were disclosed to the Securities and Exchange Commission, underscores the precariousness of future retiree health care benefits.
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Cuts at Monster Not Expected to Hamper Service

August 28, 2007
If things go as planned, industry experts say Monster Worldwide’s sweeping cutbacks, which resulted in a 15 percent reduction of full-time staffers, should not have an adverse effect on the products and services that draw HR professionals to the job board.
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A Bonding Byproduct

March 23, 2007
Members of Luxottica’s HR team spent long hours on the road together as part of their work in integrating a newly acquired company into the organization. They found that they built better internal bonds in the process.
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Looking Inward at Bell Canada

March 1, 2005
Amid ongoing downsizing and employee discontent, Bell Canada had to break down institutional barriers in order to redeploy workers from threatened departments rather than hire outside candidates for new openings. A wide-ranging initiative called Bell People First has redeployed more than 1,500 workers at risk for downsizing and saved about $36 million in severance costs during the first two years alone.
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