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How Does the Vesting Requirement Relate to Disability?

November 13, 2015

I have a question regarding the 1,000-hour vesting/participation requirement related to disability: Employee A works 400 hours as an active (regular) employee. At that point, the employee gets a temporary disability (because of nonwork related activities) and no longer performs work, but is not terminated and remains an employee. In this case, does the 1,000-hour rule get waived since there is a disability? Or does it stay in place since there was no termination event? Thanks for any help/insight.

—Counting the Hours, assistant controller, construction trades, Rancho Dominguez

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How Do We Know if Employees Are Motivated to Work Remotely?

November 13, 2015

About one-third of our 650 employees work remotely from home offices. As a result, hiring people who are self-starters is important. What is the best way to assess whether a candidate has the initiative to work with minimal supervision? Are there any tools that could help us?

—Unmotivated Need Not Apply, quality control specialist, software/services, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

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How Should Supervisors Deal With Open Door Policies?

November 3, 2015

How should first-line supervisors deal with an agency head who continually encourages subordinates to bypass their supervisors in making reports about employee performance, work relations, and/or operations? Speaking to this agency head has already been tried and failed. This encouragement comes in the form of an "open door" policy, enabling behavior such a listening instead asking them to address with their supervisor first, and even sometimes via direct instructions to do so.

—Frustrated and Discouraged, government, Phoenix

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