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Dear Workforce

Dear Workforce How Could We Recruit Workers From Nearby Places

March 12, 2004
Here is the question: We’re working on recruitment activities for a retail business in the seasonal tourist area of Nags Head, North Carolina. We’ve exhausted local hiring and are targeting qualified workers who live 50 miles from our place of business. We’re considering providing those we hire with a transportation subsidy, and have analyzed its impact on our bottom line. What else can we do to recruit and, more importantly, retain these people?
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Dear Workforce How Do I Handle Fallout After My Promotion

February 19, 2004
Since being promoted, I have detected a lack of respect from my peers--nothing concrete, but their actions make me feel like an outsider. I’m wondering if it might be due to my new position as manager of operations. What is my course of action?
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Dear Workforce How Do We Handle The Fallout When Our Secret Profit-Sharing Plan Gets Exposed

February 12, 2004
For the past year, our company has had a secret profit-sharing program that includes 30 to 40 percent of the employees. The program was kept secret by order of the company president. Recently, some of the employees not receiving the bonus learned of the program and are threatening to quit and go to work for some of our competitors. We would really like to keep most of our employees. How should we handle this? What are the potential pitfalls of having this kind of program, and what can we do at this point for damage control?
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