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Dear Workforce

Dear Workforce What Is The “Right Way” To Give Raises

November 7, 2003
What is the right way to give raises? We can’t decide whether to do incremental percentage of salary, percentage increment on the midpoint of the salary range, or percentage increments on either the first, second, third, or fourth quartile of the salary range.
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Dear Workforce How Do We Eliminate Special Privileges After New Ownership Takes the Reins of Our Company?

October 31, 2003
I have an employee that has been with the company 11 years. The company changed hands one year ago. Since that time, there have been policy changes. Under the old owner, the employee was given special privileges, such as special hours and other considerations. The new owner is unwilling to do this and it continues to be a cause of contention. If she doesn’t get her way, she pouts and complains to other employees. She continually implies we are discriminating against her because of her heritage and continues to make life uncomfortable. Her work performance is acceptable. The legal issues are one thing, but otherwise, do you have any suggestions from an HR point of view?
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Dear Workforce Managers Are Getting Luxury Cars, Employees are Tightening Their Belts!

October 24, 2003
As a way of recognizing the efforts of our senior management team in landing new business, our company intends to offer leased luxury cars to all executives. This comes on the heels of an executive planning meeting in the Caribbean. Any suggestions for communicating a positive message to our employees who will see the new cars every day, even as they’re being asked to tighten their belts?
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Dear Workforce Which Is Better Team-Based Incentives Or Individual Bonuses

October 17, 2003
Our midsize underground utility-locating company is considering implementing a bonus program for our locators who avoid at-fault utility damage. Some in the company, like me, favor rewarding individual employees for a job well done. Others think a team approach would foster comradeship, prompting employees who complete their tasks early to help fellow employees in other service areas (since their bonuses would be linked). How can we come to a decision?
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Dear Workforce How Could We Recruit Workers From Nearby Places

September 8, 2003
We’re working on recruitment activities for a retail business in the seasonal tourist area of Nags Head, North Carolina. We’ve exhausted local hiring and are targeting qualified workers who live 50 miles from our place of business. We’re considering providing those we hire with a transportation subsidy, and have analyzed its impact on our bottom line. What else can we do to recruit and, more importantly, retain these people?
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