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Dear Workforce

Dear Workforce How Can I Persuade Management To Approve More Part-Time Hours

May 8, 2003
My department has one full-time and one part-time employee managing benefits and payroll for a staff of more than 300 employees. I want to ask management to approve more hours for my part-time assistant. I’ve asked for additional hours each budget year, without success. How can I convince management that we need more than 60 man hours per week?
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Dear Workforce What Could I Do To Kick-Start Recruiting?

March 27, 2003
I am new to both the recruiting position and to my region. I would like to recruit five people this year, but job fairs and career seminars are high-effort, low-return propositions. Networking at chambers of commerce is useful but takes time to develop, and advertising hasn't worked. I am recruiting for insurance and financial service representatives and want to really get it into high gear this quarter. What activities would you suggest if you were in my shoes?
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Dear Workforce How can I Measure the Impact My Skills Have on the Bottom Line?

March 12, 2003
I am trying to quantify my impact on the company’s bottom line. On the recruiting front, I can calculate the savings in terms of renegotiation of recruiting costs (from an average 25 percent down to 17 percent). I have a strong labor-law background, so rarely need to contact our outside counsel. How can I measure the impact of these savings?
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Dear Workforce What is the Latest Thinking Regarding Psychometric Testing Of Potential Executives

March 5, 2003
My organization currently requires candidates for senior positions to undertake an assessment that includes verbal and numerical reasoning-ability tests, a personality test, and a behavioral experience interview process. I am reviewing this practice and would like to know what the latest thinking is about the use of psychometric (ability, aptitude, personality) testing for recruitment and selection of executives?
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