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Dear Workforce

How Can I Draw Up Guidelines For Identifying Competencies?

August 1, 2003
The expertise in our 1,550-employee company is broadly divided between technical and non-technical staff. I have to identify the competencies for all job groups. I want line managers to participate in the exercise. How can I draw up guidelines for this identification process?
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Dear Workforce How Do I Keep Morale Up During A Merger

July 17, 2003
Our hospital company is forming a joint venture whereby two hospital labs will run independently. This means about 200 people who now are classified as hospital employees will become employees solely of the new lab company. This has created anger and morale problems among these employees. They don't want to be part of the new lab company. What can I do to make this arrangement work?
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Dear Workforce How Do I Train Supervisors To Write Evaluations?

June 25, 2003
We have used canned performance appraisal software for severalyears, mostly because supervisors were reluctant/unable to write narrative reviews of employees. New management requests that we move to a narrative appraisal (with no numbers or canned phrases). How do I train supervisors with little or no writing skills to do this type of evaluation? Are there any "hybrid" programs that might combine canned with original response?
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Dear Workforce How to Generate Interest In A Low-Wage Position

June 17, 2003
We’re having trouble recruiting for a personal shopper in our Internet shopping department. The job starts at $7.55 per hour and the median income of the area is $98,000 per year. I have advertised in local and large papers, used all my neighboring stores, advertised with occupational centers, government training and employment departments, but to no avail. How can I drive up my application flow?
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