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A Wait-and-See Approach to HSAs

December 3, 2004
Industry watchers expect most businesses to spend the coming months evaluating high-deductible plans and, if they opt to offer HSAs, drafting education programs so employees are prepared for open enrollment for 2006 or 2007. As major insurers work on building product awareness, banks, mutual fund companies and stockbrokers will soon join the financial institutions that have started offering HSA investment products.
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Spitzer Opens Benefits Front

November 15, 2004
The suit charges Universal Life Resources with extracting other undisclosed fees that underwriters passed on to policyholders through higher premiums and actively concealing the payments from clients.
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Telecounseling Find Favor With EAPs

November 1, 2004
Some companies are advancing the telephone from a referral tool to a way to deliver therapy. Proponents say it’s an efficient, effective way to deal with all but the most serious mental-health issues, but critics say it’s untested and is offered only to curb costs.
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Deflating Compensation

October 1, 2004
If your salary-increase budget for 2005 is much higher than 3 percent, you're probably overspending. New survey data indicate that increases at large companies will average 3.5 percent next year, marking the fourth consecutive year of increases below the 4 percent average that characterized budgets before the economic downturn. What's behind the trend? Soft labor markets that will continue into 2005 and well beyond, increasing the need for annual pay increases designed for optimal hiring and retention. "There's no war for talent," says Mercer Human Resource Consulting's Steven Gross.
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