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Pay in the U.S. Military

April 9, 2004
Basic pay for enlisted military personnel and officers has increased by 10 to 16 per cent over the last two years, depending on rank and occupation. The number of active duty personnel, however, has shrunk by nearly 22 per cent.
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Gifts That Gall

April 1, 2004
The reward program that your company thought was so fabulous could instead turn out to be a swamp of ill will, malice, sabotage, fraud and even litigation. Here's why reward programs fall flat on their faces, and what companies can do to ensure that their efforts will reap better performance, not productivity-killing backlash.
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The Joy of Flex

March 1, 2004
Cendant Mobility's Flexible Work Options program has saved the company millions of dollars, energized the workforce and brought turnover down to less than 10 percent.
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