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Executive Compensation Recent Trends, Changes, and Highlights

May 9, 2003
Sibson Consulting, the human capital consulting division of The Segal Company, recently reviewed a random sampling of large-company proxy statements filed with the SEC during February-March 2003. Sibson then analyzed recent trends with regards to short-term incentives, long-term incentives and ownership guidelines.
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Getting Happy with the Rewards King

April 1, 2003
Bob Nelson has sold more than 1.5 million books by telling companies how to make small rewards yield big loyalty and productivity bonuses. Critics scoff at a "baubles and trinkets" approach, but Nelson has plenty of believers.
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Getting a Grip On Executive Compensation

January 30, 2003
Shareholders and rank-and-file employees didn't mind astronomical executive pay during the bull market. But now they've had enough. Human resources leaders are taking a hand in negotiating compensation packages that reward performance, but avoid excess.
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Delta Dental, The Driving Force

October 30, 2002
Special Advertisement : If you want a dental program that offers a variety of programs placing an emphasis on prevention and flexible product options, then Delta Dental is something to look into.
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