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Employee Assistance Programs

How Do We Convince Execs That an EAP Is Needed?

May 15, 2012
We have put lots of thought into developing a good framework and broad operational standards for a new employee-assistance program. This approach to “people management” is new to our executives. What can we do to convince top brass to let us launch the program globally? —People Who Need People, Counsel Us on EAPs, learning and development director, finance/insurance/real estate, Kuala Lumpur
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EAP Proves a Giant Step for Ballplayers

February 21, 2012
For Michael Paolercio, director of employee assistance programs, work-life and wellness services for the San Francisco Giants, winning the World Series in 2010 proved the organization's ability to handle stress and show resilience under pressure.
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Facts on U.S. Pet Owners

July 1, 2011
On average, dog owners spent $225 and cat owners spent $203 annually on routine veterinary visits, says the 2011-12 National Pet Owners Survey.
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