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Employee Assistance Programs

EAPs Boost Their Post-Recession Profile

November 11, 2010
As the recession recedes, some companies are repositioning their EAP programs, using them to better support wellness efforts and to offset mental health treatment costs. Caterpillar Inc. leaders are piloting a new analytic tool, designed to better quantify EAP’s influence on presenteeism, workplace stress and other work-related outcomes.
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Most Employers Arent Combating Workplace Stress

December 1, 2009
A report by Watson Wyatt Worldwide and the National Business Group on Health finds that while health and productivity management programs are keeping health care costs and absenteeism down, employers aren’t acting to relieve the stress of employees’ long hours and fear of job loss. Such stressors could affect productivity as companies try to bounce back from the recession.
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Some EAPs Find That Online Therapy Clicks With Clients

November 2, 2009
Internet-based counseling and behavioral health services are finding their way into company employee assistance programs alongside in-person and telephone-based therapies. The services use a variety of Internet-related platforms, including e-mail, instant messaging, live chat and, in some cases, Skype video calls or other Internet-based videoconferencing.
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