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Health and Wellness

No Cures

October 1, 2004
Experts sorting through the respective health-care proposals being put up by Bush and Kerry say both plans would put a dent in the number of uninsured. Kerry wants to dramatically expand government’s role in providing insurance to the uninsured, primarily by expansion of the Medicaid program. Bush has been talking more about health savings accounts on the campaign trail. What both candidates agree on is that the paper-based health system in America needs a technology upgrade.
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All Aboard

July 1, 2004
Beset by rising insurance costs, Union Pacific employs semi-tough love to improve the health of its mostly middle-aged, blue collar workforce. While some companies take a no-prisoners approach, UP chooses to nudge, encourage and prod its employees to good health. And it's saving millions.
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Obesity A Big Problem Getting Bigger

June 1, 2004
A report on the health risks associated with obesity, the costs of obesity and state mandates for obesity treatment. Also included: information on the cost of providing a bariatric surgery benefit.
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Prescription for a Lawsuit

May 29, 2004
When UP recently instituted a policy of not hiring smokers, it had to carve out exceptions in the 13 states across its route system that have “smokers’ rights” statutes on the books.
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