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Health and Wellness

Dear Workforce How Do We Boost Participation in Our Wellness Programs

March 18, 2005
We want to persuade some employees to change their health habits. While most employees are healthy and fit, some have bad habits that cost our company money in higher health-insurance premiums. How do we reach the employees who really need to take advantage of these programs without offending them?
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New Approach Addresses Root Causes of Illnesses

March 3, 2005
In the past, employers have taken on “disease management” to cut costs for the small number of employees generating the greatest health care costs. The goal now is to avoid chronic problems in the first place.
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Health Advocates Deliver a Dose of Knowledge

January 31, 2005
Health care advocates act as intermediaries for companies that want to improve their employees’ ability to navigate the mazes of medical care options. They also run interference in medical emergencies and help solve disputes that arise over whether an experimental, high-cost or high-risk procedure might actually be covered by an insurance plan.
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Swallowing the Cost of Obesity Treatment

January 5, 2005
When Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina scrutinized medical costs and claims data for its obese members, it discovered that their care cost at least 30 percent more than normal-weight members. That’s when the Chapel Hill-based plan decided to wade into the high-cost, high-stakes world of obesity treatment, rolling out a benefits package that observers describe as one of the most comprehensive available. Now comes the tricky part: getting employers to foot the bill.
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Buckle Up For Bush 2.0

December 30, 2004
If President Bush gets what he wants, companies will find themselves scrambling to keep up with an array of administration initiatives, including the partial privatization of Social Security and the expansion of consumer-driven health care plans. Executives should also expect political solutions for imperiled private pension guarantees, as well as medical malpractice insurance reform and stepped-up enforcement efforts by the Labor Department’s wage-discrimination cops.
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